Boeing E-767

This topic is for IF to add the E-767.

This military variant of the 767 is for airborne warning and control.
Introduced in 2000 by Boeing integrated defense systems, only 4 were made. It’s first flight with the rotodome was in 1996 (and without was in 1994).

It’s main user is Japan air self - defense force. With a top speed of Mach 0.86 and a cruising speed of Mach 0.80, it’s service ceiling is 40,100 feet and has an endurance of 9.25 hours with a 5,600NM radius. It is still in service. It has a maximum crew of 8-10 people. It has a MTOW of 385,000 lb, a wingspan of 156ft, 1inch and a length of 159ft 2 inches. (It’s basically a radar attached to a 767-200)

I would really love to see this beautiful military aircraft added to IF.

Credit: Altair78.

P.S. did I make any mistakes making this topic? Please let me know.

FUN FACT: There are no windows on this plane to protect the crew inside from intense radio wave radiation from the rotodome.

I hope you like this aircraft as much as I do.

Interesting, I have never seen or heard of this aircraft before.

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Maybe because only 4 were ever made… :)


Did I make any mistakes making this topic?

I was like, is he saying Embraer 767??? Then I clicked and said, ohhhhhh


The embraer e-160 lol


If it’s not mistaken, The one that is looked at is radar or not?

Yes, a radar called a rotodome.

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I have never listened about this aircraft, absolutely amazing!

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Nice plane!

You have my vote!

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Thanks! :)

I hope you like it too.

Seems really fun to know that your only a few dozen fewest away from that… really lovely aircraft though!

Yes, I wouldn’t want to be in the E-767 for too long…

Looks cool and reminds me of the E-3D. I’ll try and get a vote from somewhere.

Thank you!

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Glad you like it too…

This and the E-3 would be absolutely phenominal in IF. Would be extremely helpful for the GAF

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I don’t believe you did, although I think there is a section for voting for aircraft already.