Boeing E-4

Time for me to put out a portion of my “wish list”.

Is it possible to throw in a special livery Boeing E-4 in the Boeign VC-25 IAP? Both 747-200Bs work “together” (E-4 is command post for the prez) so perhaps they could be put together as a combo pack?’ Might be more appealing to someone buying it because it’s another special plane/livery.

While we’re in the topic of 747s, who’s up for a Silk Way Boeing 747-8F?

Long live the DC-9!


It would be nice to see this plane.

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This is another plane though. Not just a normal 747

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Seeing as Henrik linked this, I’m okay with reviving it. The E-4 is quite a neat aircraft and could fit in well with Air Force One and SOFIA as another 20-purchase aircraft…

Another U S Air Force plane? I want this!

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