Boeing delivers the 787th Dreamliner

Boeing delivered the 787th 787 Dreamliner on Thursday. Buyer is the world’s largest leasing company AerCap, operator China Southern.


Since its first delivery in September 2011, the 787 family has carried nearly 300 million passengers on more than 1.5 million flights around the world. The fuel-efficient jet enabled Boeing to open more than 210 new nonstop routes.

AerCap is the largest 787 customer. China Southern continues to expand its long-haul fleet and now has ten 787-8 and eight 787-9 on duty. They are used on non-stop connections between Guangzhou and London and Rome in Europe, Vancouver in North America and Perth, Auckland and Christchurch in the Oceania region.

As China’s largest fleet-size airline, China Southern Airlines currently operates more than 800 aircraft, including Boeing 787, 777, 747 and 737. The airline operates more than 3,000 daily flights to 224 destinations in 40 countries and regions of the world.

Source: (german site)


Wow! Already so many built, did not expect this. 👏


Might want to change this to airlines

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That’s crazy though! So many have been delivered!

No special livery for this 787?


@TheFlyingKiwi I thought the same lol. I was hoping for a nice livery but nothing, sadly.


No its only for boeing a milestone. 😉

I would love to fly on the 787th 787. That would be fun.

There is a special decal on the left side. Plane was delivered December 14th and first flight was made on the 18th(Today) from guangzhou to shanghai


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There is no need for this comment there is already the same picture on the top

To be completely honest Boeing could’ve have chosen a different font. I feel like it should be looking modern instead it looks kind of rustic.

No, they are 2 different photos…

but still we don’t need 2 photo’s for the same aircraft and airline

Yes, but only one side of the aircraft has the decal. he was simply linking a photo o the other side of the aircraft to show the special decal. :)

Also to add on, the one on the picture has both a different registration and type of aircraft(It’s a 787-8). I’m simply linking to a picture that has the right aircraft that wears the decal. Let’s not be judgemental before knowing everything

@Joseph007 not a fan of the font either, but it has a Chinese theme to it


Yea I can also see that kind of as a Chinese font. Doesn’t look terrible but doesn’t look the greatest of all.

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Hey this is the same livery

It is surprising how many 787s Boeing has sold over this relative short period of time

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Yeah I heard! it’s a bit ironic but a great achievement for Boeing!

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