Boeing Delays the Boeing 777X until 2025

WHAT! I really want them to just get it out to the airlines!

This is major L for Boeing. They really lost their spark! Shake my head

I love Boeing, but this is just so dam 🦫 true

Talk about stepping in quicksand. Boeing has been going downhill as other aircraft companies excel

Emirates will go for the A350 and probably 787

This type of problem has been happening within Boeing for years. A huge disconnect in all departments with the bean counters at the top. Boeing of the last 20 years has had very questionable ethics in their management team. Until they addresses the elephant(s) in the room, Airbus will continue to chip away at them until they are gone if they don’t get their house in order.

Biggest mistake they made was purchasing McDonnell Douglas. The two different management styles created a hostile work environment for all. Douglas could’ve survived had they re-engineered three of their most profitable aircraft. The MD-80 and its variants were the de-facto go to short hauler that pilots truly loved. Even more so than the 737 and the legendary 727. They really could still be a relevant competitor today. The MD-11F could also be a very large competitor in today’s freight world with modern upgrades. It is really an amazing aircraft once all of the bugs and QC issues were worked out of the DC-10. The press just destroyed that plane.
Shortsightedness within as always tears a company apart. Such a shame that Boeing is headed down the wrong runway…

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Wow, the aircraft just keep getting larger. ☠️

It looks to me we should get together and beat both airbus and boeing and make our own airliner manufacture and out do both the A350 reptile and the massively sketchy 777x, we could make millions and raise enough money to pay the devs to add (one) new airplane to the sim maybe 2 if they allow so

This kinda sucks but I don’t think Boeing is doomed for forever. Once they can get this and the max10 certification they will be in a place to introduce a new NMA. They certainly have factory space with out the 747, 757, and 767 production there anymore. They just need some time, they’ve had a rough 3 years, not 10, just keep that in perspective.

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Oh god, Qatar Airways Is in a really tough spot right now, given their current situation with Airbus, QR won’t be receiving any aircraft other than the B787-9 for the next 3 years! :(

I wonder what their next move Is!

Trying to imagine the folding wingtip animation visible to all at congested gates. (reprieve)

I think they will reach some sort of settlement. The relationship can get better, after all QR was the launch airlines for the A350, and operates a large number of the type. This could mean more A350-1000 orders to mitigate the B777X delays. This also helps improve fleet commonality.

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But 3 QR A350’s are already been cancelled to delivery. Qatar also lost in UK court with A321Neo orders.

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I really hope so, QR Is my favorite airline and I would hate to see them not receive any Airbus aircraft anymore. :| @MathAviation7

I am aware of this. I believe that once QR realizes that they need Airbus, they will take a settlement and work to improve relationships. With all the delays, the B737-10 will take a while before it is certified, and it might always be canceled. Right now, QR will be left with only 787 deliveries for at least a few years, which is not suitable.

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