Boeing Cuts B787 Production to 12 per month

Boeing has cut the B787 Dreamliner to 12 per month.

I feel that Boeing is really going downhill and are getting into worse and worse situations.

Share your opinions and thoughts below!


Facts, my friend.


Is they cut there flagship production doesn’t mean they are going down. Just means not much orders or it’s tied to the engines

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Well, less number of aircraft manufactured = Less money = less profit

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Yeah true but again it might be due to not a lot of orders for the 78X

I think everyone is overestimating this. 12 per month is still a lot, and I think this was done because almost all of not all of the 787s originally ordered are done, they have completed there backlog and are now down to base load so to speak, all aircraft production runs do this to some extent…


WHAT!!! They don’t even have the 77X ready, so they’ll have no passenger long haul aircraft in steady production.

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Boeing has cut the number of B787’s produced from 14 down to 12 per month.

This will be in effect for at least 2 years.

@KPIT you have a good point!


That what I was trying to say

They also went up to 14 a bit ago from 12 to clear there backlog which has now been done, so I really don’t think this is as big a deal as it seems…

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Yes they will. The 787 is still in “steady production” by all accounts, the 777-300ER is still trucking along, even the 747-8 is still being produced regularly.


They are probably adjusting because of the risk of a global economic recession the next 12-18 months.
If we don’t get a recession, it’s pretty clear we will have a much weaker economy according to Moody’s



Yep, that’s true. But how about Airbus? They seem to be confident with the chances of a recession.

They also have done their things

They have less profits so it won’t hit so hard.

Because of tariffs. China is a big market for Boeing. And USA is a big market for China.
China strikes back by signing a multi billion deal with Airbus.

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Oh, here comes @DeerCrusher to take it behind the barn and put it to sleep… 😂


I would agree with Andre 100%. This isn’t a “Boeing Issue” as you’ve put it. They’re only cutting the production from 14 down to 12 which isn’t that bad. Only 24 planes less per year if you think about it. @AlphaSeven if you read the article that you linked you would note that the reason is the following:

“current global trade environment”

Its a smart financial decision. I would do the same. Why create planes when the demand isn’t there? Its like throwing cash into a firepit.

Don’t blow a simple adjustment out of proportion to make something real small seem something absolutely devastating. I like facts, I don’t like fake news and misleading info


Every change makes a difference. It might start off small, but it could grow bigger. We’ve seen this with Boeing quite a few times.

I don’t see how posting “fake news” has anything to do with my post because I simply added 2 reliable sources in the thread and Neither did I write any information except the numbers that decreased to 12.

Also I did read the article. Simply sharing it with the community.

One thing leads to another. While this may be Boeing’s move for the economic recession, that doesn’t mean that it won’t affect the company. I’m not saying it will at such a quantity, but I feel that it might.

Wow, my joke looks stupid when you don’t actually shut it down…

Good point though, not everything about Boeing is a Boeing issue…

Also I’m never forgetting that @DeerCrusher