Boeing comes out on top over Airbus for American Airlines

So I can definitely understand American’s reasoning behind this. They were planning on phasing out their 330-300’s anyways. And with most of the American long haul market being dominated by the 777 and 787, it makes sense.


Awesome! Another win for Boeing! It seems like the right choice for American, considering they are simplifying their fleet.


Again Boeing is undercutting Airbus at every stage. It may seem like a good thing but you wait and see if it ends up screwing them over because it sure as hell will affect their margins and perhaps we may see even more losses…


Well I guess we will have to find out in the future. ;)

We’re all the A330’s old US Air aircraft?

Yes, I believe so. They acquired a lot of Airbus from USAW.

I was really hoping for the A330neo to be an option for American but I do understand their strategy. Hopefully they will keep there order A350s to replace the A332s


Fitting for the name of the airline! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

17B Profit from Boeing vs 8B from Airbus


I may be wrong but isnt most if not all americans airbus fleet from USAW?

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Yeah before I believe it was mostly all Boeing. @UpgradeMe that’s irrelevant, Boeing incorporates all the businesses whereas Airbus is a subsidiary of EADS.

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Wrong, this article states 2017 profit was 2.87 billion Euro for Airbus alone.

My question here is if this is another NMA/797 order/conversion options in disguise. If it is, then there is a very good case against the A330NEO. That being said, AA looking at the A330NEO most likely rules that out since the NEO and the proposed NMA has quite a capability gap.

Keep in mind that Boeing didn’t actively undercut Airbus, AA is just converting options from 2013 which carried an unusually low price that Airbus can’t really compete against. If you throw in conversion rights to the NMA, then you basically sold the planes.

You might be wondering, why would Boeing agree to those terms in 2013 then? I would bet it’s a tactic to fill up a couple of empty production slots and that was the best price they could get for a couple of close-in (2015) delivery slots since producing white-tails or stockpiling completed frames for later delivery is not ideal. They threw in those options at around the same price, now AA is cashing in on that, along with not having to manage an A330NEO sub fleet. Airbus had to offer a really good deal to win this order, but they probably wanted a better price, especially when the A330NEO program is so young.


If what you are saying is true… which we won’t know then I would say that Airbus rarely offer big dicounts so yeah that’s why Boeing would obviously get the order. Same with Ryanair and all that. So yeah I see how this could be true.

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AA must have liked the outcome from operating their 787s over the last few years. It was a great choice, the AA livery is really nice on the 787.


Very nice for Boeing, we’ll se for AA… It’s confirmed! 47 more 787’s, cancelling the A350 order inherited from U.S. Airways

Makes since since it would probably cost Boeing more money to slow or increase production rates when it comes to shedding workers then paying benefits then re hiring them. Isn’t that why ONE of the reasons the C-17 costs spiked because between congress and the Air Force kept slowing then increasing annual orders?

Could this mean a future order of the 777-x? I think Boeing is good choice for AA.


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