Boeing cockpit issues

First of all great work on the new update. Now for the problems.

  • In the 737, the yoke blocks the heading indicator when pushed forward.
  • The color used for indicating the current ATC heading is too close to the gray background.
  • The font used on the boeing PFD is really hard to read. I have to zoom in to actually read speed and altitude clearly.
  • This is the same with real life. It fully would depend on how far up your seat would be as well as the height of the pilot. At this moment, adjusting your seat in Infinite Flight isn’t quite possible.
  • This is a known issue but I believe it is by design until the map itself gets reworked once again.
  • To my knowledge, the font is the same on Infinite Flight as it is on the real life Boeing PFD. The quality has been downgraded a tad to reduce lag - but overall it’s actually quite clear and readable from the ‘Instruments’ view.

Hope you’re enjoying the update!

I don’t know wif others would agree with me, but I’d prefer usability over 100% realistic scaling. The 777 cockpit requires zooming in unless you are using a device with over 1080p resolution.

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