Boeing C40A Clipper

I feel that this aircraft would be an incredible feature to all the other amazing aircrafts that are already in the sim!

About The Aircraft
First flight of this aircraft took place in April of 2000. Since then this aircraft has been used for military transport purposes. During the time this aircraft was able to meet all the standards that other military aircrafts such as the C-9B could not. This aircraft is still in service operating for the U.S Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

General Characteristics

Passenger Capacity: 121
Payload: 18,144 kg
Length: 33.63 m
Wingspan: 34.32 m
Height: 12.55 m
Fuel Capacity: 6,875 US gal (26,020 l; 5,725 imp gal)

Photo credits: Wikipedia (website above)

I’m honored to have the first and hopefully not last vote


It’s in the 737-700 BBJ livery

Voted! This would be fun!

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I’m honored to have the second and hopefully not last vote.

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