Boeing C-32B

Credit: James S. (JetPhotos) Link

The Boeing C-32B is perhaps one of the most secretive 757 variants out, operating under the guise of the 486th Flight Test Squadron whose motto is fitting “Non semper ea sunt quae videntur”, or Not Always What They Seem. The two all-white 757s operate classified missions from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida with frequently changing serial numbers in order to preserve the clandestine nature of their operations.

Now you must be asking “isn’t this just a Generic 752 without winglets and a USAF decal on the forward fuselage?” Well, this is the biggest departure from a standard 757: these are the only 757s in the world (that we know of) that are capable of Air-to-Air refueling. In addition to massive fuel tanks in the cargo hold, the two C-32B’s are fitted with AR receiver ports located above the flightdeck along the centerline of the aircraft.

These two aircraft have been spotted all around the world flying classified missions for the United States Special Operations Command, from Yokota airbase in Tokyo, Japan, to various airports in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and of course, throughout the United States.

Additionally, they operate with a pretty cool set of callsigns “Terra” and “Dactyl”.

I’d love to provide more details, unfortunately, due to the nature of their operations, there is an understandable lack of info out there.

While niche, I really do think the C-32B would make a great addition to the fleet, and it would add another amazing feature to the already impressive Infinite Flight Boeing 757.

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I’m 99% sure there isn’t another request for this out there

I’ve recently quite enjoyed replicating USAF flights with the Generic Boeing 757. It having a refueling capability in Infinite Flight would be huge and would allow for even greater possibilities.

Just a small reason why I support this feature request and have voted for it. Of course, realistically, there are other features that take priority, but this would be a nice addition if the time ever comes.

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Thanks Luca!

I agree, even though it’s a bland livery (for a good reason), the ability to conduct Air-To-Air Refueling on a 757 would be incredible!
Plus their secretive missions would always be a fun option.


You have to admit he asked nicely.

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Someone get this man a medal.

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Got my vote

I just stumbled across this and just wanna ask, who on earth has 486 flight test squadron? Does USAF even have 486 different types of aircraft? Why do they need that many groups doing flight test?!