Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework

Nah they mixed it up with the C-130, because you can reverse thrust the C-130 in air in IF and not the C-17 and that is unrealistic so yes they need to fix that

Well they can’t even get the AMC airlift callsign right as Reach … I wouldn’t expect a good rework of airlift … tactical or Global Reach. “Reach” as always been every Tanker/Airlift Control Center/18th AF (TACC) mission … I know … worked there

SAM is Special Air Mission for US dignitaries other than POTUS or VPOTUS (AF 1 or 2)

Tankers or Tactical Airlift, ANG or AFRC on their own missions have their unit callsign

C-40s, C-32s when not on SAM flights or moving Combatant Commanders have there own Callsign.

One could actually say that if a C-40B with PACOM Commander onboard could be called PACOM1 but it would be his/her callsign or masked with AF COMSEC Callsign


We need a rework on C-17 Globemaster

pretty self explanatory


The C17’s engines are just blue circles - It needs a rework


Shoot most of the military fleet needs a rework 😂 But we don’t complain we still make the best of it. The commercial airliners get all the love Unfortunately… yet they complain the most.


My personal opinion is that we have enough war in real life. I feel if you want to „nuke something“ you’ve to search for another game. Saying this, I think it’s absolutely sufficient that IF is focusing their limited resources on cargo and supply military vessels. Back to topic: voted.


This is an extremely narrow minded view of what military aircraft actually do.

Tell me, do you fly real people on your virtual airliner? Or do you pretend to because this is a simulator?
That’s what the military aviation community does, they create virtual scenarios to roleplay in this simulator. In the same way that you might follow a STAR on your virtual flight into an international airport on one of many heavily reworked airliners, the military community are virtually moving humanitarian aid freight, conducting flypasts and flying at 250ft at 420kts through picturesque mountain ranges.

The C17 is the most voted for military aircraft and it deserves a rework on par with the A330 and B777 family.

I want to add that’s it’s not about pretending to kill people and I feel that your opinion about this is concerning.


@Capt_Whiplash Well technically if you find a MOA (Military operations area) that should solve that issue. It’s the people that think BFM above LAX on expert is cool, we aren’t that type of military. Sometimes it’s not always about shooting things down or blowing everything up. Definitely have to use a bit of creativity and imagination for the lack of resources but hey it could be worse. @Black_Bird That’s the kind of thinking that steers people away, aviation is for all walks of life, why be bias ?


Well, simply ethical reasons and I love to see that IF brings people together from different culture and religion. Why then should we simulate things that breaks them apart from each other. But that’s just my opinion. I think we should bring this back to the feature request and put this to another thread if needed. Thx for your thoughts tho.

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Love flying this plane! Just wish IF would show this amazing bird some love!