Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework

The purpose of removal of this airplane is because it will get a rework? It’s not in Infinite Flight anymore, hope it’s fate won’t be like the Space Shuttle…

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Select ‘Show Legacy Aircraft’ - C-17 will then appear.

But yes rework long overdue, however I’m sure IF have plans for it in the future, so don’t lose hope 👍🏻.


I gave it my last vote. the rework is long overdue. it’s the quite irritating taking off in the cockpit because of the lack of detail.

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Refueling option might be available once the C-17 has been fully remodeled.

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It’s already available though. You can AAR the C-17 in the sim.

It is available.

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indeed, it takes 40 minutes from 5% to 100% via AAR lol i know this because i have done it one to many times on long transits across the world in GAF


Let’s fight to get the staff to notice how much demand is for the C17 along with others in the sim for a rework!!

We don’t want the fate of the C17 being that of the decathlon and removed!!

This would be a superb choice for a rework due to the variety of liveries by nations across the world. It has some really neat and specific flight characteristics which only the C17 has.
It would also be great along side the F18 to have another military legacy aircraft get redone for the community to enjoy!!


I’m just saying they built the 5/8k loader it be a waste not to build/ update an aircraft capable of accepting that cargo loadout. I hope it’s in the cards for sure. Spare a vote if you can. Please and thank you =)



Courtesy of the RAF Photogs.


Lets not forgot our counterparts Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian, Indian Air Force, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait. the. Kuwait Air Force and Qatar Air Force have two beautiful aircraft!


Some pictures from a sortie I was abroad today, RAF C-17A - ZZ178. After flying on this aircraft for the first time today, I can confirm it’s a absolute beast of an aeroplane and marvel of aviation engineering.

This aircraft when first produced was way ahead of its time & still possesses some cutting edge technology. Furthermore it is capable of things, no other heavy lift aircraft can do. It still is at the forefront of military heavy airlift and still out performs, similar modern airlift platforms such as the A400M.

For anyone reading this that hasn’t voted for a rework, I urge you, please to consider freeing up a vote and supporting this fantastic aircraft. It’s a shame this aircraft is not properly modelled in game to somewhat reflect it’s true nature & awesome capabilities.

Many thanks



C-17 rides are the best


Nice cockpit and cargo bay view


Indeed it’s an awesome piece of kit. Would love to see it replicated in game, in the near future.

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It has the MD-11/DC-10 cockpit windows.


McDonnel Douglas used to be the manufacturer of this aircraft before Boeing bought them out like the 717 (aka the DC-9)

Chaz M


This rework is really needed. I’ve been an IF fan since 2012 and love the C-17. Please rework this great plane


The C-17 Rework was really needed though so we don’t know when it’s gonna happen

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I think its bc in 2015 the NZ government was planning of purchasing 2 C-17s as they had the capacity to be able to transport the NZDF’s new at the time helicopters the NH-90 to the Pacific Islands as the NH-90 doesn’t have the Range to Island hop. They didn’t end up doing that😡 would have been cool if they did.

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