Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework

The C-17 modifications are a welcome improvement to the model in game. Animated Flaps / Gear, fine tuned physics and altered textures for 6th Airlift Squadron livery from McGuire AFB.

Much appreciated, thanks IF Team.

Below is my assessment of model requirements still required for it’s rework.

  • Animated side doors (open individually) and a working ramp
  • Animated, working spoilers/slats
  • updated autopilot (removal of rocking when enabled)
  • Enabling of reverse thrust (like C-130) to reverse aircraft up to 20kt Ground Speed
  • Detailed working cockpit
  • Application of Pratt & Whitney PW2000/F117 engine sounds (utilised also by 757)
  • livery’s of all operator nations, including some additional key USAF livery’s.
  • removal of the 260kt Airspeed limit below 10000ft (being a tactical airlifter this nullify’s it’s actual performance)


Very well agree but from where it stands it can only get better from here.I use to cringe when I flew it. I really enjoy the experience now.



How about a RAAF 100 livery for IF 10 anniversary?


very nice designs!

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Nice design. This livery should be added to celebrate the centennial of the Royal Australian Air Force by this year. I hope to see if the C-17 is reworked by this year so I can have my opportunity to fly with the 100th Anniversary of the RAAF livery.

C-17 even flies at SNA!


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Loving these pictures and Video

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Definitely hoping for some type of physics / autopilot improvement! With that, the aircraft would be in condition to fly again. In the future releases, we could have some liveries added aswell!

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Agreed, still a bit more work required to make it a similar model to the actual RL frame. However were heading in the right direction, can’t wait to see it pushed over the line !


Thanks to newcomers supporting the moose rework & to the supporters who have persisted with building momentum for the 17.

I think I speak for everyone involved that all your support is greatly appreciated !



Yes indeed great job so far. I look forward to al the exciting military aircraft updates.

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