Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework

The C-130’s are very lovely, STOL capabilities the lot. The C-17 is a real fighter. I’m not American but it’s the show whenever the US president is flying. The C-17 carries the very important presidential limousine and the decoy. It compliments Air Force One. Oh and even better, it can fly long distances not just in comfort but when needed, in acrobatic style.

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Yeah it’s very versatile. It flies to SNA every once in a while

Guys I have a doubt with recent voting system, C17 was staff picked to be reworked before voting, so as now c17 is not in the lead, does this mean it won’t be reworked upon? 🥲

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I think it’s messed up that the military aircraft/airport never get any love. It’s no wonder that people are leaving IF to go to DCS…


I don’t think the conversation is there in the sense that sims give people experience to get a brief insight into what it would be like to be a pilot for such specific aircraft. But this is something that is true in the military community as well. For example the purpose of air shows and intent behind demo teams is to inspire curiosity into aviation and more specifically rectuit mindset into the mil aviation department. Going to air shows as a kid I can tell you I didn’t see an F-15 and think man I want to fly a 737 when I grow up. I instead said to myself I want to fly fighters or work with them when I grow up. Now I am not saying that the dev team at IF has an unconscious bias for non mil aircraft but I am saying whether unconscious or conscience the perception from me as a mil simmer is kick rocks.

In actuality this sim could be turned into a recruitment tool to help spark the young future mil aviator to commission and not only cary their passion but go for actually flying it. I still don’t have an explanation for why a staff pick was shelved but I can’t argue what I don’t know. I can say I’ll continue to support the C-17 and be a voice for us mil simmers and if you want share experiences in my af career lol.

My only hope is that the IF team sees the long term impacts that this does to morale for us mil simmers. Till then all I can do is stick it out you know.


It’s been pretty quiet in here. Now that the polls are finished with the A330 being the winner, hopefully IF decides to give the military community a chance. The military planes in the game are in a desperate need of a rework. I respect the choices and opinions the community made when choosing the next aircraft to be reworked/added, though I’m a bit sad the C-17 was the least voted plane in the first poll.

The C-17 is an important military aircraft as a military transport, also capable of STOL. When someone buys IF and doesn’t get pro immediately, they are most likely going to check out all the free planes available to them. Currently, the C-17 and F-18 are both in pretty bad conditions, probably the worst, and when they see those planes like that, there’s a high chance that they will not fly them again. The military planes in the sim (except for the A-10) are an embarrassment to the game due how low quality they are.

Usually in a year, there is about 2-3 major updates. Next year the only aircraft we know that will be getting worked on is the A330-300. That leaves us with one or two more major updates, maybe even three if we get lucky. I hope that next year, we can finally get a military plane worked on as we’ve had enough commercial planes already.

Just like Asneed8706, I too will continue to support the C-17 and I think we need more people to do the same.


I too will fight for the fighter joystick style controls and The RAAF livery. Turn this eye sore into eye candy. Make the C-17 great again.

Hopefully a rework is on the agenda soon. I would be immeasurably grateful to the staff members for bringing the beast to life.

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This is certainly a bad representation of Infinite Flight as a free aircraft that is so below the current standards. It’s pretty much the level of the 787 before it was reworked back in 2016. 2016! I hope this is in the near future - it was the staff pick, so looking to you developers :) Let’s get another military plane into Infinite Flight - a logistical four-engine workhorse!