Boeing C-17 Globemaster// No Spoilers Deploy

Hey Community,

So today I was flying a Boeing C-17 Globemaster from Edward’s Airforce base up to Boeing Field. While I was on my final approach into KBFI I turned on Spoilers to flight but nothing happened. Then as I landed I had spoilers armed and the spoilers didnt come up. I can see outlines for the spoilers but nothing deploys. If anyone knows please tell me where to look or if they haven’t added that in yet


Here are some picture of nothing deploying.

Thanks for any help,

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Yeah, it’s a pretty crappy model.

The C-17 is an old model. If you want the spoilers to deploy, you should vote for the rework.

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K I was just making sure it wasn’t on my end



There’s no animated parts on this model, so it’s by design… if you could call it that ;)


It is an old model. It is a very bad aircraft.

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K mod can close this