Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Factory Colors

Here is the C17 test livery departing for a test flight from Long Beach factory to Edwards airforce base. During the test it set 13 new world records.


Cool livery to have and something different with that interesting colour.

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Which records, just link me to a source if you want

To be honest, this is not a livery at all. The aircraft is just unpainted, so you can see the different parts.
Those could be seen for all aircraft that once or regular flown before final painting. Airbus flys some models on a regular basis to Hamburg Finkenwerder for final equipment and painting, eg the A380.
Would be funny to see this in IF.

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Coughed up a vote for this,

If it ever gets reworked then id definitely like to see this livery.

Yes, this is true. This isn’t a livery. There’s just no paint. I’ll edit the title.

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