Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 777X

Boeing BBJ 777X-8/9

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About the Boeing Business Jet 777X

Boeing has always been a strong Business Jet aircraft manufacturer, and has recently launched the BBJ 777X series. Boeing announced this at the Dubai bi-annual Middle East Business Aviation Association Show. Once she is in the air, the BBJ 777X will be the longest flying business jet in the world, being capable of flying half way around the globe (11,645nm).

Boeing also selected 3 leading design firms, Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, Unique Aircraft Design. The 3 different interior designs are absolutely outstanding, I suggest you take a look at them yourself.

I hope the BBJ 777X will be considered if/when the 777X family is introduced. It would be an outstanding addition to the Business Jets in Infinite Flight and it would push IF Pilots to the outer rims of our Infinite Flight Globe.

Thank you very much for reading this feature request and if you do feel the same way as I do about this stunning aircraft, be sure to vote! If you want more info on the BBJ 777X, here it is in video form, and also here.

Thanks a million!


Far out and I thought an 787 private jet was over the top haha.


I had commented on this a few days ago, it would certainly be a good addition in the IF fleet, but on the other hand I was thinking that it would be very difficult to have it in the game since the A350 which is also one of the most requested aircraft in the game and so far it has not been added, that’s just my thinking, the IF team has worked hard this year and managed to satisfy a larger audience and they deserve credit for that.
Anyway you have my vote.


Only thing is that we don’t know enough about the aircraft.


I actually really like this. I’ll have to free up a vote.

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Actually I think that they should add the commercial version of the 777X before adding the BBJ


If the developers did add the 777X, and they were considering the BBJ as well, im sure that they would do them at the same time


WOW. This is just incredibly beautiful. Imagine if the devs make the cabin view if they add this? Pure joy.

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Yup. Totally

That’s not a 777X…

That’s my private jet 😂😂

Bumping this👍

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The B777X is not planned at this time. In an effort to preserve precious votes this topic is closed. If development is confirmed at a later date, livery requests for that aircraft will be permitted.

This feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app.

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