Boeing Boomerang - Qantas 737-800

I would fly this livery everytime i fly the 737
“The plane pictured here, Qantas’ Boeing 737-800, features an Uluru depiction by Australian indigenous artist Rene Kulitja. This aircraft forms part of 5 planes in Qantas’ fleet which were given Aboriginal art treatments, originally to observe the International Year of the World’s Indigenous People in 1993. Named Yananyi Dreaming and launched in 2002; this particular aircraft was repainted into Qantas corporate livery in September 2014.”
Excerpt from an article

I searched, couldn’t find it. I thought i saw it though maybe it got closed


I like the livery.

I would too but not every time…it would eventually get boring…anyway the real question is how long would it take for FDS to do that paint job cause the livery is quite difficult and the same time impressive

Awesome livery

This is actually called Yananyi Dreaming. Unfortunately it is a duplicate @Natzoo. Since you knew the official name, you should’ve searched for those keywords.

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