Boeing BBJ 3

Would like to see more private jets in Infinite Flight!



Not my photo, credit goes to: (Photo courtesy of Boeing)

Link to the picture:


It’s a great looking aircraft. This is a must.

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We have that livery but we just don’t have the words

This is a different plane. The Boeing 737-700BBJ in the game is not the same as this plane, the Boeing BBJ 3.

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This is a must. When I’m in regions where I can’t do real flights, I use private jets


The BBJ 3 is on the 739 isn’t it?

Yes, it is. But:

  1. The Boeing 737-900’s BBJ 3 livery is different from this one.

  2. The BBJ 3 and 737-900 have different specs. So, take this as a plane request.

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Very sexy aircraft. I really want to see this in IF.

No more Boeings please!
We’ll get the 787 and that’s enough.