Boeing B777X

As many here know that the Boeing B777-9 was at the Dubai Air Show. Then on its way back it made an stop in Doha and from Thursday till Sunday it had an Stop in Frankfurt to visit the Customer Lufthansa.

I wasn’t able to catch the Landing so i only were able to spot it on Sunday when it Departed Sadly the Weather wasn’t good with low Fog and some light Rain.

Here is one Picture of the Departure from me. Location was the Spotting Point Affenfelsen its in the West at Runway 18/36.

Also was nice to meet you there at Spotterpoint Zeppelinheim @Syncline 👋


Such a pretty plane! I cannot wait for it to be released.

Fantastic photo, too! The fog brought out the plane more than if it was a blue sky. 😅


Yeah it was also a bit challenging to get an good shot as the Fog was realy low some planes disapeard in the fog right after Rotating

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I guess you could say you mist out on a clear shot…

thank you ill be here all week

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This aircraft is just beautiful. Nice catch!

Atleast you got to see it

That’s a good one 😂

Nice to meet you too, @CrazyBee! Too bad you had to move to Affenfels yesterday, maybe see you again the next time 🤓

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