Boeing B777X Roll-Out

That looks DOPE


Boeing hasn’t released any update or date when will they roll - out.

Some revealing pictures of B777X

Credit. DJ Aviation


More than likely they will push back the roll out to to around end of March, this would allow a quicker chain of events with first flight as Q2 begins April 1st and they plan on first flight being in early Q2 of 2019

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are those engines currently the biggest jet engines?

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those are GE9X :-)

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It looks sooo dope!!😍😍

This would love to see this aircraft in IF

What a nice looking plane!

It will be very interesting to see how the certification process of this new Boeing aircraft will be handled, now with FAA and Boeing at the spotlight for the mistakes that were allegedly made during the MAX certification and training.

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I am gonna pilot this thing in the future.

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Last I heard there was no solid evidence against either in regards to wrongdoing. Investigations are on going, care to expound on your sources/info?

You’re right, as the investigations are still ongoing I now added the word allegedly. However, it’s actually looking bad for both the organizations at the moment.

The topic is being discussed here:

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 And Boeing-737 Max Groundings Tracking Thread

Back to the 777X, I’m looking forward to see the plane with my own eyes at some point. Those foldable wings are very interesting.

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By the looks of it I’m going to pilot this thing sometime next year! ;D

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you are already checked out?

For what airline? The first one for Lufthansa is gonna get delivered in August of 2020.

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Already 777 rated and, according to Boeing, the 777-9 will have the ‘same’ type rating as the 777-200/300 and a ‘common’ rating with the 787 leading to a ‘differences’ course which is shorter for 777 pilots than 787 pilots.

Delivery timescales are sketchy at the moment so, possibly, next year but more likely 2021.

Looking forward to it, the last folding wingtip aircraft I flew was the Blackburn Buccaneer!!!

That dates me! :(


i can’t imagine a twin engine airliner bigger than the 773ER although the A350-1000 comes close, looking at the specs of the 777X its a monster a 777 that is bigger than the classic 773ER! man now that is a hell of a big twin engine airliner …

What would be the main/major difference between (B777-300ER& B777X) these both Aircraft keeping aside the factor of the size of the Aircrafts?

Well, the 777X is…

  • Larger, exterior and interior wise.
  • Larger, quieter engines.
  • Quieter, yet still has that iconic GE-90 sound.
  • Longer wingspan (wingtips unfolded)
  • More fuel efficient
  • Longer range

Well that means this could compete and stand against the A350-1000 and do long hauls like WSSS-KEWR.

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