Boeing B777X Roll-Out

One of the most anticipated roll-outs in recent aviation history will take place on March 13 when Boeing unveils its giant twin – the 777X.

Boeing is building two models of the 777X family: the 400-seat -9, which will be the first to roll out and the longer range -8, which can seat 350 passengers and has a range capability of more than 17,220 km.

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Yes!!! Finally!!!


A beautiful bird is about to have its first breathe of air… and gasoline. 😂
Hopefully, we can see her in the skies sooner than later!

Super excited. 👍

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That’s the day I’m supposed to be touring the Everett factory!!!

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It’s today!!!

It was postponed due to the 737max crash

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sad to say but boeing already postponed for the roll out event. But there are leak images of the B777X.

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Till when?


That looks DOPE


Boeing hasn’t released any update or date when will they roll - out.

Some revealing pictures of B777X

Credit. DJ Aviation


More than likely they will push back the roll out to to around end of March, this would allow a quicker chain of events with first flight as Q2 begins April 1st and they plan on first flight being in early Q2 of 2019

are those engines currently the biggest jet engines?

those are GE9X :-)

It looks sooo dope!!😍😍

This would love to see this aircraft in IF

What a nice looking plane!

It will be very interesting to see how the certification process of this new Boeing aircraft will be handled, now with FAA and Boeing at the spotlight for the mistakes that were allegedly made during the MAX certification and training.

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I am gonna pilot this thing in the future.

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Last I heard there was no solid evidence against either in regards to wrongdoing. Investigations are on going, care to expound on your sources/info?

You’re right, as the investigations are still ongoing I now added the word allegedly. However, it’s actually looking bad for both the organizations at the moment.

The topic is being discussed here:

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 And Boeing-737 Max Groundings Tracking Thread

Back to the 777X, I’m looking forward to see the plane with my own eyes at some point. Those foldable wings are very interesting.

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