Boeing B777-200 KLM (Asia) Livery

As the 772 gets update I was wondering if the livery’s also get updated ?

That’s a KLM 772 white nose Asia new 100 year university livery my favourite

The livery of klm now in IF , is kinda boring in my opinion

Its a nice livery , hope yall like it to

Quite certainly yes and there are many requests for 772 liveries on the rise.


That is a different livery.


That’s a pretty cool livery. Haven’t seen that one before, but I like it.


I think its interesting to point out KLM Asia and KLM liveries are in effect 2 separate companies. So you may want to change the title to KLM Asia 777.


Was thinking they were just asking for the new livery refresh, not the KLM Asia livery. Got confused, sorry

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KLM Asia , is the same like city hopper, that’s for Europe, but the normal klm livery’s also land at those destinations. It’s specially for Asia , although the livery’s also fly to America
It’s just an other livery 🙃

Its not really for Asia in general. Has to do with the situation of PRC and ROC over who is the real. Looks like you are correct in saying these restrictions don’t exist anymore, but back when they were enforced there needed to be “2 different companies” to circumvent the punishments the countries would place an airline flying to the other China. That’s the reason we had companies like Northwest Oriental, it wasn’t just a special livery.

Why does it have a white nose? The rest of the livery I like except of that nose😅

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Mismatched nose cones. The other KLM Asia aircraft probably have blue noses.

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I love the nose lol

I don’t understand

They used a spare nose cone, for whatever reason (maintenance, broken, etc). It just isn’t blue.

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Yes @Altaria55 , this is just a special livery

No no no , it’s a real livery @Altaria55

I’m aware of that. There’s multiple aircraft with this livery.

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K , thanks

Ok, I voted. See ya

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Got my vote 😉

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thanks a lot

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