Boeing B747-300

The Boeing B747-300


Welcome to the Boeing 747-300. It’s a forgotten variant of the 747 which didn’t age well (only a few operators) it was the first 747 variant which had a stretched upper deck by default.

The cockpit was the same as the -200, same pilots, same cockpit, same engines, now the difference are the stretched upper decks (SUD), 2 new emergency exits and an crew rest in the AFT area.

Why was it so unpopular?

The 747-300 was more expensive than the 747-200 and 747-100, and due to oil crisis putting airlines into a financial crisis, they didn’t want to buy new planes. This led the 747-300 being not so successful and then only had a few operators.

As far as I know, this is the only 747 version Lufthansa didn’t have.

What were the operators?

As you already heard, it had way less operators than the other

Air France
Air India
Ansett Australia (gone)
Cathay Pacific
Japan airlines
Japan Asia airways (gone)
Korean Air
Mahan air
Malaysia airlines
Pakistan international airlines
Sabena (gone)
Saudi Arabian airlines
Singapore airlines
South African airways
Surinam airways
Thai airways international
Transaero (gone)
UTA (gone)
VARIG (gone)

What were the engines?

The 747-300 had engines of the 3rd generation, which means the fuel consumption was 25% less than its older versions

These are: the legendary PW JT9D, the GE CF6 and the rolls Royce RB211
Due to the stretched upper deck, the -300 had better aerodynamics which made it possible to fly at mach 0.85 and have an range of about 12400 kilometers

Also, the GE CF6 engine which was a option, was more efficient than its older versions

How new was it? 

The first 747-300 had its test flight on the 5th October 1982 and the first delivery was in 1983.
It was produced until 1990. The main reason why it had such a short lifespan it because Boeing announced the 747-400 in 1985, just 2 years after the first delivery’s

What were the variants?

Basic Version

Now the 747-300 basic variant, is like explained above


The 747-300M, also called combi was a version that could be used as a passenger and freight 747 at the same time. The first 300M was delivered to Swissair in 1983 and the last one was delivered to sabena in 1990.


Just like the -100SR, this version was specially modified for the short domestic hops of Japan airlines (JAL). The takeoff weight was reduced to 272160 kg to prevent gear damage. It could carry up to 600 passengers, 80+ in the upper deck.

Only 4 of these were built, between 1987 and 1988. JAL retired the last one in 2009.

Did freighter versions exist?

Boeing wanted to make freighter versions but never made it. Although, in 2000 some passenger versions were converted to freighters.


Of all 81 planes, only 7 crashed


ICAO code: 743
IATA code: 743, 74D, 74U
Height: 19,33 meters
Length: 70,60 meters
Wing surface: 511 m²
Wing span: 59,64 meters
Range: 12400 km (6700 nm)
Ceiling: 45100 feet
Cruise speed: Mach 0.85
Max speed: Mach 0.92
Speed: 523 knots

3 class passengers: 412
2 class passengers: 496
1 class passengers: 660

Pilots: 3 (captain, first officer, flight engineer)

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It would be so nice to have this aircraft and fly Zürich-Mumbai or Zürich-New York

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My Grandfather flew on these!!! He started on the dc 3 as a Swissair pilot and was among the first to fly the Swissair 747 in 1971 because no one wanted to fly with these new giants. Sadly it’s been 20 yrs since he past away. My wish would be Swissair 747-300 and 747-200 livery update…

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The only 747-300 I flew on was the Qantas 743.

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The 747-300 looks so good on the Swissair “chocolate” livery!