Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

That’s what Air Force bases are for but I know that it won’t be flown just out of air bases.

That would be the PG-13 name for it yes lol. It goes by somthing similar but more adult in the flying community lol.


B52 Pilot: DEVIL21 requesting flyby

KLAX Tower: Negative Pattern is full

B52 pilot: 😎


You out of votes @Asneed8706 put your vote in brother lol.

Imagine all the people flying this out of small airports if it was released :D


As a B-52H Crew Chief that did almost 9 years at Barksdale and now almost a year at Minot I am obligated to vote YES for this!!!


This would be an amazing first bomber to IF. I would fly it👍

Great request but it would be too big for most airports and would become problematic for controllers and pilots.

And yet we have bigger jets like the 380

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I agree with @anon93248082

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This should be less of a problem than the A-380…

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Apologies. I was under the impression the B-52 wingspan was massive but its actually a lot smaller than the A380.


Yes they can. Crosswind Crab.

Honest question, not knocking this beauty!
Are they relevant anymore? I know we still use them in service, but how much more can it do that the b2 or b1 can’t? Does it cost more to sustain than needed? Curious if anyone knows.
But I’d love to fly it on this sim!!

They have a higher mission capable rate then the B-1 and B-2

I knew I should have saved a vote.

I agree with this, as the Stratofortress has always been an aircraft I would love to pilot if I had the license to.

The B-52 is definently still relevant. Otherwise the Air Force would have canned it by now, rather than trying to upgrade it to meet the 21st century demands.

I am out of votes but I would love to see this. I think it would allow for something to escort other than the c-130, kc-10, or passenger planes.

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No way theyll put in weapons. For one, it’s extremely complex to make it work properly or accurately (for modern AA or AG anyway), and for another, people can’t even fly the proper altitudes going East or West, not even on Expert. Thank goodness collisions arent modeled for that, so the last thing we need is people launching missiles all over socal.

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Would vote if I had some this would be awesome! And the military aviationists would love this!

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