Boeing aviation VA, executives needed

Welcome to the official Boeing Aviation VA for Infinite Flight. This VA is starting up, therefore executives are needed for development. Here are the positions:
Owner: Myself, @El_Alex
Aviation directer: Vacant
Route Manager: Vacant
Website manager: Vacant

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Do you have a website

CEO Of UPS please Or Route Manager? I can make a website

May i join? And if so pm me details?

Want to work together?

Yea pm abd we can talk

I’d like to help out. Available 24/7.

FedEx/DHL and UPS virtual airlines already exist in infinite flight…
Our website:

To all: there is already a FedEx/ups/Dhl in infinite flight. I’m the CEO of these airlines. Since it’s already taken, I suggest you do not go forward with your plan. If you have any question, please message me about it.

Legitimate serious question, what is the point of virtual airlines? I don’t understand what they’re for or what they do?

@El_Alex, if anyone would like to join they may apply for a position using the website. The more pilots the better. Also, join are Facebook page as well.

Please can I be UPS CEO?

@B767fan as I said earlier Fedex/DHL/ups Are all takin. We operate under one website and one CEO/COO and president

I’m not trying to intimidate anyone. I made this airline. If you don’t believe me, here is the website:

You can advertise here too:

PS: This is not an advert

People have the choice to create one more but if 2 VA’s are trying to grab people they will be confused. And decide not to join any VA’s at all.

Of course they can…but they can’t make An airlines that’s been claimed already

It’s already claimed. If they would check the VA-IFFG page on Facebook they would know

@Rotate and @N1RG please bring this to Pm