Boeing Asks Delta and Other Airlines to Take 737 MAXs

Is it really expected though?

With Delta leaning towards Airbus aircraft, you would expect them to continue. At the moment, Delta has no more Boeing aircraft on order and they’re set to retire the Boeing 777 this month and 717/763s by 2025. What would stop Delta from choosing the A320neo Family as 737 replacements?




Yeah I know it’s inevitable that the plane will be retired, but from my understanding if Delta accepts this deal:

The plane will be retired even sooner. I might be misinterpreting this…

Norwegian is a textbook example of how too much fleet simplification can backfire big time. Before the MAX saga, they had to ground some of their 787s due to issues with the Trent 1000s, which necessitated their leasing of third-party aircraft such as the Hifly A380 to facilitate their long haul ops. The MAX saga sealed their fate in their long and thin transatlantic market (Scotland/Ireland to smaller US cities in the North East).


The main question here is whether these are additional planes, or just earlier than planned deliveries of existing orders. (I can’t see additional orders in the current market environment though.)

I also highly doubt any airline has an interest in these planes in the moment, with fleets being far too big already and storage costs being quite something. As always an interesting report @Ishrion!

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Some of these should be already completed MAXs and the rest should be holes in Boeing’s 737 MAX backlog because of customer cancellations.


I would make the argument there that those were two separate issues. They could have had the A350 and had theoretical engine issues or an A220 and an again theoretical issue that required them to be at least temporarily taken out of service, those issues were not connected is what I’m saying, one was if anything caused by Trent who also supplies AirBus. I think the real risk is with more financial pressures like @Chatta290 mentioned because the likelihood that either AirBus or Boeing would have some sort of universal issue that took out there whole fleet is exceedingly unlikely, and these aircraft specific issues are possible on separate aircraft from two different manufacturers.


Going back to this, Boeing likely approached existing MAX customers like American, United, Southwest, and Ryanair.

And Ryanair’s looking at ordering more MAXs:

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Yeah, that’s reasonable.

(What I originally wanted to ask (sorry for my bad wording there), was whether these would be orders Delta made already or whether these would be new orders from them?)

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Well with AA retiring so many 737s they may order more

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These should be entirely new orders from Delta but not new orders for Boeing.

Basically, if Delta orders some MAXs right now, Delta will take the MAXs that are already completed or coming close to being completed because some customers cancelled these aircraft.

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Ok, I see. Makes it even less likely for me as I don’t see Delta having any interesting in getting these planes, especially in the current environment. Thanks!

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