Boeing Asks Delta and Other Airlines to Take 737 MAXs

Boeing is asking Delta and other airlines to take 737 MAXs


(Delta Boeing 737 MAX 8 concept)

Boeing is reportedly asking Delta Air Lines and other airlines to take “white tail” 737 MAXs.

“White tail” 737 MAXs are ones painted white, waiting for a livery, or need a new livery because a customer has cancelled their 737 MAX order.

According to Reuters, Boeing has approached Delta to “take” 40 of these 737 MAXs that need a new operator.

  • Note the word “take” in this situation. Does this mean Boeing is basically handing over MAXs to Delta and these airlines? Or is Boeing planning to offer an inexpensive and flexible deal just to offload these 737 MAXs?

So far, over 440 Boeing 737 MAXs have been firmly cancelled while over 900 have been removed from the backlog. Unless Boeing can find new orders for these aircraft, they’ll be sitting in storage for an extended period of time.

The Air Current previously reported Boeing has been attempting to strike a deal with Delta. Boeing would essentially help Delta end Boeing 717 leases early in exchange for 737 MAXs.

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Source: Boeing courting Delta, others to take 737 MAX 'white tails' - sources | Reuters

With Delta now set to retire the Boeing 717 early in 2025, could we see Boeing succeed in having Delta purchase the 737 MAX in exchange for terminating 717 leases early?

Also, for those of you thinking Delta is planning to have an all-Airbus fleet, this may not happen. While Delta is set to have a pure widebody Airbus fleet by 2025, their narrowbody fleet will likely have around 100 Boeing 737-900ERs in 2030 as some are just 2-3 years old.


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I don’t think Delta will go for an Airbus only fleet. As was the case with the Boeing only fleets, it presents some significant disadvantages when you only rely on one manufacturer for aircraft and at some point you will end up being an easy sell and will be paying more than other comparative aircraft. It’s what happened with Boeing and we have seen the result - the A320 family now outsells the B737


I want to see this livery so bad on the MAXs!

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You said Delta and other airlines. Do we know any of the other airlines?


I’ll take one😃👍


Nope, the article only lists Delta as the known airline

I don’t think they’ll be given 40 brand new aircraft just for free. The connotative meaning of take in this case could be some massive discount. Imo, I can’t imagine seeing Delta without a MAX(or whatever it’s called these days) in the next 5 yrs, unless Boeing really starts serious work on a new clean sheet narrowbody, which obviously due to COVID wouldn’t be as feasible.

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The 737 Max as already expected to be ordered by Delta near the end of the decade even with COVID lose as a replacement for 737-800s and 737-900ERs. This really isn’t news. This was expected long ago. All that will be different is a steeper discount for Delta and an earlie procurement.

That’s a really good point. I think a lot of people think a singe aircraft fleet (ex. Southwest, Easy Jet, etc) is the same idea as a single manufacturer fleet but the latter really doesn’t have nearly as many benefits. It really just puts you in a box and makes you an easy sell as you say. I’d be shocked if they stay all Airbus, it’s not impossible, but I don’t think I can think of another airline in that scale that’s single manufacturer, I’m sure I’m forgetting one, but it’s at best rare.

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See its questionable. Passenger travel in Europe at least isnt expected to be a Pre-COVID levels till 2023 but i cant comment on the US. Wouldnt it be smart to buy those as parts for the Max’s they may get

I wonder how much of a deal they would be willing to give. The value of a 737M has got to be at an all time low or near to it. Add to that that Boeing is at very real risk of losing delta as a customer and I think Delta could get a pretty fantastic deal here. Wouldn’t there be some legal troubles with just giving them away? Didn’t Boeing actually sue Bombardier for doing something similar with Delta to get them to take the 220 (at the time C Series)?

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Delta grounded a large part of their A220 fleet today. Maybe that was for this…?

I can’t imagine those would be related.

That’s likely due to issues found with cracking

Yes, it’s called dumping and it’s illegal, they were selling them for 2/3 of their build price.

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(redacted) because I didn’t understand the question until after I posted lol

Hell naww!! Anything that potentially speeds up the 717 retirement is an instant no for me!

If delta doesn’t want them you can give Boeing my number

I think the 717 retirement is pretty set in stone I think the only thing that’s being questioned is what amount of its replacement is 737M/A320N/220.

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