Boeing AP disconnect sound or Airbus AP disconnect sound

Which sound do you like more? Boeing’s Fart sounding buzz? Or Perhaps Airbus’ Chime disconnect? Leave a comment of your preferred sound

I like what McDonell Douglas use.

Oh ok! Cool :)

Aww yeah they are awesome

I love the Airbus !

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I love MD, Boeing and Airbus HAHAHA

Love Airbus’s AP sound for some reason better, oh and also I see you might’ve tried to post a video but it didn’t work, try copy and pasting the URL?

Ok I will do that

Still won’t work

McDonnell Douglas is now Boeing

How would I know if you didn’t provide examples.

This should help you with your question :)

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How’d ya do that? It was cool!

McDonnell Douglas still used different things to what Boeing uses.

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