Boeing announces Agreement.

Boeing announces a new agreement with Spirit Aerosystems.

This agreement will allow Spirit Aerosystems and Boeing Global Services to combine aftermarket resources which will expand the MRO footprint in support of the nacelle and flight control repairs for the entire global 737 MAX fleet.

“With this agreement, Boeing Global Services is strategically positioned to assist all 737 MAX operators by providing lease and exchange programs to respond quickly to unforeseen events,” said Mini Desai, vice president of Commercial Spares and Managed Parts, Boeing Global Services. “Our business serves our customer base beyond the sale of aircraft, and now we can expand lease and exchange support for aerostructures with Spirit AeroSystems.”

A quote from Boeing.

This agreement will further enhance Boeing’s support for nacelle and flight control surface removals with a more robust footprint while simultaneously combining Boeing’s industry-leading asset pool and the experience of Spirit Aerosystems hands-on repair.

Spirit Aerosystems was the original manufacturer of the fuselage, flaps, slats and thrust reverser for the 737 MAX, which in-turn gave them extensive experience with the aircraft.

This is the first pooling program offered by Boeing. The offering was developed to further expand Boeing’s parts services options in response for customer needs.



Substance behind recently announced total backlog of $371 billion.

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