Boeing announces 737-7 Max stretch

Boeing has announced at the Farnborough Airshow 2016. It was announced due to high demand from airlines such as WestJet and Southwest. As well as a potential threat with Bombardiers Cseries. It is rumoured that Boeing will announce a stretch 9max which will be for another thread. Please let me know what everyone thinks.

Link from flight global

Twitter release from Boeing as well


wide body 757 comfirmed

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This will be the B757 replacement then right?

Gorgeous!!! I wish Copa Airlines will buy this! (They ordered 61 737 MAXs last year, but it’s not confirmed how many 737-8 and 737-9 would be, but the total is 61, it’s the largest purchase that a Panamanian company made with an foreign company, it even costs more than the Panama Canal expansion 😂😂😂😂😂😂).

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No I don’t believe so. Its too short to be a 757 replacement. If they announce a stretch version of the 9Max then that would be a 757 replacement


I didn’t realise it was a stretched -7 variant 😂 Guess I should actually read it next time I though it was a stretched -9

What’s the size difference between the stretched and normal?

I believe it’s 12 seats. This was to compete with the C100

Very pleased to see Boeing responding to the customers. Hopefully the 737 MAX 7 or 7.5, whatever it will be called, is successful


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Change your name

Dude, I don’t just love the 737 MAX. If I did (only), I would have asked a mod a long time a go.

They’re adding two rows of seats. WestJet and Southwest are the contributors to this development.

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