Boeing and Airbus team up!

I am surprised, this should be cool though. Bit of Airbus in a Boeing. Or a bit of Boeing in an Airbus. Who knows yet. What do you think? I like the idea.

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(Next year I will do better @Marc, full points.)

When here is spelt hear you know it’s an April fools joke… just a weird feeling like it was rushed hehe. This exact thing happens every year lol 🤣

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Smells like an effortless April fools post :P


Haha :) but not funny ! Yes, it‘s the 1st April we know it …


I cant spell normaly

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Didn’t your old post get taken down

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I took it down, it was not working. The link.

It was cool the first time someone did it…

lol anyways happy April fools that’s enough of me on this topic. 🤣 👋🏻

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Let’s see…

Originality: 3/10
Design and execution: 3/10
Plausibility: 1/10
Rickroll: 5/10

Total Points: 12/40