Boeing and Airbus cockpits

Hello guys. The thing I have noticed is that any of the Airbus cockpits look very similar but the Boeing cockpits do not. Also the Airbus cockpits are very neater as well. In my opinion way better payed out better displays and better out buttons.

What are your thoughts, I am actually interested in reading them.

Could someone make a poll of which is better as well please that would be very helpful for sure.


Well, I like airbus’ concept with the fly-by-wire system and the way that they are very similiar in regards of buttons etc. This makes it easy for an A320 pilot to fly an A330, should it be needed. Of course that requires some training but a significantly lower amount than going from 737 to 777, for example.


The main issue with the Airbus cockpit is the side sticks aren’t linked together so there can be dual inputs at the same time where as with the Boeing yoke they are fully linked so there is no issue in terms of conflicting inputs like the ones in the crash of Air France Flight 447. Other then that they are both just as good

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I love the airbus cockpits, but absolutly hate the sidestick. I wish someone would put a yoke in the airbus cockpit, then stick that cockpit into a Boeing plane.


Right, so, Ive been in both the ‘what do you dislike about boeing’ and ‘what do you dislike about airbus’…

So let me just unleash my wrath.

Airbus cockpits are very clean in my opinion. They use the same colour as the su’s do in the cockpit for pilot exhaustion. They have sharp edges and are very neat and tidy. I believe the reason they are all so similar was so that when a pilot changes from one to another, they would feel familiar with the cockpit, and be able to navigate around it easier.

Boeings are messy, but they are more about function. They have a colour that allows them to see out the window easier in low light conditions, and have the important stuff in the important places. They are all different to each other for the opposite reason to Airbus; so that a pilot from a 737 doesn’t flick the wrong switch in a 757 because they are used to the 737 cockpit.

I prefer Airbus interiors and Boeing exteriors.
Any questions, fire away.


And just for reference @Chatta290, here is a snippet from the Airbus A318/319/320/321 Flight crew training manual:

When the Pilot Flying (PF) makes an input on the sidestick, an order (an electrical signal) is sent to the fly-by-wire computer. If the Pilot Not Flying (PNF) also acts on the stick, then both signals/orders are added.

Therefore, as on any other aircraft type, PF and PNF must not act on their sidesticks at the same time. If the PNF (or Training Captain) needs to take over, the PNF must press the sidestick priority pushbutton, and announce: “I have control”.

If a flight crewmember falls on a sidestick, or a mechanical failure leads to a jammed stick (there is no associate ECAM caution), the “failed” sidestick order is added to the “non failed” sidestick order.

In this case, the other not affected flight crewmember must press the sidestick priority pushbutton for at least 40 seconds, in order to deactivate the “failed” sidestick.
A pilot can at any time reactivate a deactivated stick by momentarily pressing the takeover push button on either stick.


An interesting discussion. Have moved to the real world aviation board as it fits that description rather than general which is for discussing Infinite Flight specific topics.


I don’t like the sidesticks


I fully agree that Airbus has a better appointed cockpit in regard to instrument location, however I’m not a fan of the side stick at all. My vote goes to Boeing.

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Not again! another Airbus vs Boeing argument! Boeing lovers will love Boeing and Airbus lovers will love Airbus.

But I agree Airbus Cockpits are much more Cleaner and Neater that Boeing Ones

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Actually Boeing inspired Airbus to go for the cockpit commonality.

In the 1970s when Boeing were designing both the 757 and 767, they designed them to be as close to each other in design as possible. This was so early launch airlines like British Airways, Britannia and the American carriers could have pilots fly both on a common type rating.

That’s part of the reason the 757 has a strange shaped nose - they had to shoehorn in all the 767s avionics and position it correctly

Airbus just took that idea further with the A320 / A330 & A340, and asked Porsche to help them design it.

The A380 and A350 have a more evolved design than the earlier models, but it’s still a fast transition from A330 to A350.


That is true, Airbus has one of the nicest and looks like friendliest cockpits and all are similar reducing training costs. Boeing’s is not my favorite except for the 787. Just my unbiased opinion, i like both manufacturers the same, Boeing wins some and so does Airbus.


Once again someone has to claim it’s an argument. Please contribute to the topic rather then through this statement around for the sake of my sanity 😂

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Well if it ain’t Airbus, I’m not goin’ (But I’m usually forced to by my parents)

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Airbus-computer, little manual stuff

Boeing-mostly manual, little computer

If you realize it its just the opposite of each other

I thought it was “if it aint airbus I’m taking a bus” unless I have a. Brain fart lol

Boeing is not manual in any way! I still don’t understand why people think it is so. Both the Boeing’s yoke and Airbus’ sidestick are fly by wire. So both are computer controlled!!!


I like them the same because they both make planes😂😂

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Good opinions on the cockpit but I love the Airbus cockpits very clean happy colourful and just makes you feel like home. The big Boeing aircraft look like they have 1 million and 1 buttons in an order of which a human cannot understand.

But Airbus and well spaced out fewer buttons an jut awesome

Lol I didn’t say it was all manual lol

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