Boeing acquires ForeFlight

Title says it all. Boeing have today announced that they’re acquiring ForeFlight which many of us in here use, both for Infinite Flight and for real world flying.

Press release:

What’s your thoughts about this? I know mine as well as some others, but I’m more interested in hearing yours :)


Now ForeFlight will be better than ever :D

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So I’ll be the first to say that I don’t like this and the main reason is great companies get lost and lose their touch with client relations (sometimes). Hopefully they don’t get absorbed and hidden under an umbrella where you lose intangibles such as that “small town feel” which includes the feeling of having a close relationship with the company, great service and great customer outreach. I could be wrong here but I’m not a fan overall. I hope ForeFlight is able to excel in their endeavors so I’ll keep some optimism in my back pocket.


I think this is a great step for Boeing that lets them integrate something into the cockpits that many pilots already use.

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This is awesome!!

Eh I don’t mind this I rarely use ForeFlight

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Although I didn’t use it I agree with Chris, this is what can easily happen when big corporations absorb smaller companies but hopefully Boeing will just offer help and expertise to the existing team rather than change everything up


This could end up causing some problems. Boeing already owns Jeppesen, which is where most pilots get their chart from. If Boeing wants to, they can make ForeFlight the only place to view those charts. That would end up causing a pretty nasty headache to all of us Garmin Pilot users, being forced to abandon the app mid subscription in order to relearn ForeFlight. As long as Jeppesen stays compatible with both, then all is well for me. If not, there will be some pretty upset pilots out there.

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This is a good call by Boeing, it will provide cockpits with well known top of the line products. With Boeings, Jeppesen and ForeFlights knowledge in this market I think we will see new innovative products in the future.

But I agree, ForeFlight can loose its identity. And it will be less competition and compability in this market, which is not good.

And we will probably see the price rise and their customer service start to go away.



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