Boeing 797

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What do you think of the 797? A few weeks ago, some images came out - I found a great channel for aviation news. (the other threads were closed)

It’s planned to be an MMA (Middle Market Aircraft) to replace the aging 757s…

  • I’m ready for this!!
  • Needs more planning
  • If it’s boeing, I ain’t going!

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Thanks for reading! Let me know down below.

Can’t really say anything but, in my opinion, looks like a 757 and not a concept of 797. Look at the wings. They made a great innovation with 787’s wings and now they remove them and come back to classic? And look at the design. Not convinced at all that this is really a 797. And why did they insert pictures of 787 into the video?

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I think as a “look alike” - the 797 would be pretty much based on 787 - a few users were questioning why they would start a new “line,” but rather make it the 787-700, a shortened version of it.

Yes, and for a reason too. Suggest you read it

Has this been released by Boeing? If not, i don’t fully trust the photos.

Update: i think its safe to say its not by boeing as it’s been closed

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 797. I actually was not aware of the fact that Boeing is working on such a project.

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Same here, mate.

I’m a fanboi of Bombardier for some reason, so I didn’t know that they’re developing a new aircraft such as this.

Also, if this is official, R.I.P. 787 wings D: