Boeing 797

So reports are starting to surface that Boeing wants to build a brand new airplane that will meet new demand for a middle of the market aircraft. I am excited to see what mock up they will present at product launch, which some say could be this year. Apparently Boeing wants to go double isle for an aircraft that would see two variants ranging from 200-260 Pax and having a top range of around 5,500nm. I am no expert but I do not see the appeal for a wide aircraft in this segment. I think Boeing needs to consider something similar to what the 757-200 and -300 were with better wings and engines which would provide the needed range they are looking for. Airbus is very close to offering a true MoM. If they can roll out an A322Neo with bigger wings, engines and gear so they can stretch the fuselage to fit 230-250 PAx in 2 class layout they may be able to beat Boeing to the punch at a lower cost.
What do you all think? What should Boeing do?

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And What do you think Boeing will create after the 777x?

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