Boeing 797 News

Hello fellow Av geeks!

The 797 has been “pretty much” confirmed to come in the future! we may know this, here are some news for the new 797 that will be coming soon

The 797 is going to be made to replace the Boeing 757, the 757 is a medium long range jet liner. The 797 will do the same, however the cockpit will be more up to date, less fuel burn.

as we know there are aircraft competes, such as… A320neo / Boeing 737Max
or B777 / A350 / B787, and so on. So what is this aircraft going to compete in?

In a few years around 2024-2025 airbus will be putting the A321XLR in service, and this plane will change the way we fly like how long a range it will have, how good of a fuel burn. So Boeing thought that we need to build a new plane, lets name it, the Boeing 797.



Any links and evidence to support this? And did Boeing actually confirmed they will be producing a 797 in the near future?

The 797 has been the new plan for Boeing, but can you confirm more? Like said above, I’d love to read articles haha

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alright guys!

here is a vid where I got the proof from
not an article but a vid from a very good youtuber
take a look at the topic


No! They should make a revamped 757! 😡

Here’s a concept


Before I read the 797 is like a spaceship

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ik these “catches” very right 😂

A 757X would be cool.


Looks like a Airbus branded as a Boeing lol

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Fr tho They do need to join the market and get away from the same body style with the 737 (Yes this will make some mad this is why there running into issues.)

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Yes, the problem is: There’s still space for upgrades in the 757, however even in the 737 Classic they ran into trouble (hence the iconic flat engines)

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Awwww man I absolutely love the 757 so sad to see it go.

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I would fly on this it looks cool and modern but It still has that plane look that we know and love.

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Maybe this is will be the 797 😏
SO JUST CALL IT THE 757-8 and -9 BOEING lol
Or 757-9 if they only remake the -200

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