Boeing 797 development tracking thread

Hey everyone! With Boeing talking of a new wide-body long range MoM aircraft to enter development soon, there are lots of opinions and facts floating around. I decided to make this thread so people can post and comment major happenings within the development of the 797.

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Can’t wait. Not a massive fan of the look of the 757, definitely needs a replacement.

Would be really smart for Boeing to offer a replacement for the 757. Only thing kinda close is the A321LR. 757s are starting to show their age and Airlines need something new.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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I guess it’s too early to make this thread in my humble opinion. As Boeing hasn’t confirmed if they are developing the 797. The leaks which were released to public could be a redesign of 787/757.

But it will be interesting if previous leaks appeared to be a 797, even though I doubt it


Have to agree, is a little early, but I guess better to have one?


I feel like you made this thread just to be first… Too early.


Agreed too early. Wait until an official statement comes from Boeing announcing the development of the 797 before creating a topic like this. Everything is just rumors floating around. Like something that you’d find on a middle school playground.