Boeing 787

Are you going to add a more realistic Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 after the contest has concluded? also you should add the liveries to the planes that are BBJ’s (Boeing Business Jets) and if you make this game available for PC you would make a lot more money. You should also make camera angles that are inside the cabin to simulate a passengers point of view, also if you could add a feature that allows all the planes to have a feature to be completely shut down (the engines are shut down completely) when you load into a game (Either Solo or Live) to give more realism while the plane is at a gate or at parking. I will buy the $50 a year deal every year if that were in the game

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All in good time…


788, 789, and 78J are coming. No one knows when

They already have a PC version, just not open to the public.

Rest have already been requested