Boeing 787-

Hey IFC, I was wondering why a longhaul AC is used for a shorthaul flight… any ideas?

not quite sure if this is the right channel to post

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I would suggest posting in FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3].
As for why my best guess it’s because of a lot of demand, repositioning, cargo.

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For the most part, long haul aircraft are used on short routes (like the one pictured above) because of their high capacity and heavier takeoff weights. Long haul aircraft also have larger cargo holds, so they can carry more cargo then say your normal A320.

In this case though, it seems as though the aircraft is just flying with passengers (maybe, not sure of the UK’s lockdown status as of the moment), and a lot of cargo, which is probably vaccines.

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Thx that helped. I thought out of a economic perspective (fuel) they won’t be used for short / mid hauls. Perfect, so I can use these aircraft for short flights as well :)

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The aircraft is currently being used for freight. It normally flies Gatwick - Atlanta - Stuttgart - Gatwick. In your screenshot, it’s probably flying the reverse route.

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TUI has been running a LOT of cargo flights from what I’ve seen, with what I would assume to be car parts.

That’s likely a positioning leg to operate a cargo charter leg. looks like that plane has been operating STR ATL STR all week, and previously TUI has flown to MEX and DTW among other places


Just cus a plane can fly far doesn’t mean it has to. It matters on demand and not size.

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