Boeing 787

Feel like the wing of the 787 looks bit off. does anyone else feel that?


It’s not. It’s should almost be the exact same, If you provide images of what looks “Off” Maybe someone can come up with an example…

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The B787 is made as realistically close to the real thing as possible. Not sure what could be different.

What is it that’s bothering you about it?


No what’s off is that the fanblades spin anti clockwise when in reality it should be clockwise, and there’s only one type of engine modelled in IF but hey, it’s from 2016, a rework probably wouldn’t happen in a long time anyways.


are you talkingabout flaperons? Cuz that’simplemented in IF.

I know exactly what op is talking about: it’s because the black “no step” lines are way too pronounced in IF. See this comparison:


The speedbrakes also extend less on the IF model


The tip of the wing looks off

I can see where you are seeing a discrepancy, but at this stage, there is not much point reporting it. The model was released in 2016 and I highly doubt that any changes to its 3D model will be done nearly 4 years after its release. The only thing you can be assured of is that the quality of the 3D model (of everything, actually) has increased over the years and that these discrepancies should not happen in newer aircraft.

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