Boeing 787 now at SXM

If anyone didn’t hear in the last couple of months, TUI Fly Netherlands, formerly Arkefly has started using 787-8’s at SXM. The videos below are Landing and Takeoffs.



If we look now, this is a great edition to St Maarten.


Air France is kicking off the A340’s in their fleet. Maybe some 772’s

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Or A350’s when they come out?

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Talking about KLM. That’s a possibility that they will send their 787-9/-10’s there

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Once they replace their 747-400’s, yes they might. Air France would mostly send new A350’s. But the B772 doesn’t sound like a bad option until they get them. I mean, Alitalia seasonally sends their B772’s.

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I hope KLM don’t replenish the jumbos they send to Princess Juliana. They’re nice. Really nice. And weirdly nostalgic.

…To further amplify my dying need of the Dreamliner in Infinite Flight.

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KLM is retiring them. Air France’s 747’s are retired, one still has its last flight on 10th January, 2016, Air France is also replacing the A340’s, with A350’s. So an A350 might be seen at SXM, although AF has 787’s on order.

I thought AirFrance sent a 747 to Mexico City still. Did they stop that?

I think that’s now an A380.

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High density tourist cabin 77Ws is whya I’m guessing. Maybe a 772 every now and then

Alitalia 777’s are seasonal, that’s the only 777 there.

I’m talking about Air France. Forum won’t show that I replied to HV9690.

Won’t do it for this either I guess

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Might be an option. AF sends 77W’s to PTP? And some more Caribbean airports

It is true. A380 operates that route now

I was told Lufthansa thinks about opening a route from FRA to SXM, no idea what aircraft, wether it’s confirmed neither.
Seeing an AN225 landing there would be fun as well…

Likely A340-300 in the leisure config. They’ve launched numerous new vacation/economy heavy routes using A340-300s lately.

That or Eurowings is flying in

Not likely for Lufty IMO. If it is it should be A350’s, they start LH delivery in 2016

'16 already? :o great, looking forward to seeing more than just qatar’s a350s flying into MUC

2016 is going to be a magical year, not in terms like 1985.

yeah. I finally want to see CS jets flying around