Boeing 787 - nose up attitude on cruise

I like to fly the 787 but hate that whatever weight its at the nose is always a fair bit up during cruise. When you go outside it looks stupid. Its below the first attitude marker but still quite high. Cruise at Mach 83 to 85 so speed is fine.

Is this just annoyingly how the 787 is or?

Trim I have between 0-10% in cruise and the purple bar is always slightly trim up position.

Have heard the alleged IF say can fly flaps 1 or 5 to sort this but that’s just unrealistic in terms of real world.

Think the 787 rework could help sort this pitch issue too!

I think this just a issue because the 787 is not been reworked

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This can be an issue because of your weight. Being heavy at high altitudes causes the aircraft to bring it’s nose up to prevent it from losing altitude. Also, every plane always cruises with their nose slightly raised.

I was 54% load on takeoff and cruising at 36,000 which I plan to be until late in the flight.

How can I sort this weight issue.

With cargo I have it synced so both cargo bays are same load. Should I change this (for any aircraft)?

54% is not very heavy, you should be fine at FL360. What was your exact angle of attack?

Actually that the current physics on B787 we have in IF. I recommend to do a step climb plan. If not satisfied, you can do +1 or +5 flaps to decrease nose pitch.

Not sure on the angle of attack where to read it

Well the first line above the horizon in your HUD is 5 degrees, then 10 degrees and so on

You can estimate based on that

Its about a quarter below the first line as we speak - when you go outside it just looks so nose up

This is how the 787 is due to its weight distribution. When on takeoff the aircraft pulls up the front wheel and slams the tail because of weight at the back and none at the front. This is most likely due to amount of fuel and passengers you put. More fuel is more weight in the back. And the more the passengers, the more seats filled in the back. Hopes this helps.

Oh that’s completely fine and normal, you have nothing to worry about if it’s only pitched up that much. It’s purely the autopilot preventing the aircraft from losing altitude and at the same time not gaining any by pitching slightly up.

I am always careful on the 787-9 and -10 to not tail strike on takeoff - its quite a balancing act with input and trim.

I believe that is about right, I saw a reply a few months ago by a 787 pilot that said they had about 2 1/2º pitch for a flight from LHR - SFO. Also, I don’t think the devs would release the something that wouldn’t be realistic

I don’t know if this expresses your concerns but here’s a picture of a 787 at cruise and it’s slightly pitched up as you can see , it all depends on the weight on board if you are heavily loaded the plane will pitch up to maintain current altitude.

Now at 38000 feet with 41% load remaining, this is images of it - still normal?

I don’t see any real issue here…
Maybe you feel that the nose is up but that’s actually normal and pretty accurate to the real world as @skinate said

I think you should just carry on and we should should maybe wait for a rework 🤷 (which isn’t to come anytime soon)

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