Boeing 787 Live Cockpit

The 787 family was by far my favorite aircrafts in the entire game until the A320 live cockpit came out. Then the A359. The A320 series before it had a live cockpit was exactly the same condition as the 787 cockpit is now or possibly worse! I think that the 787 cockpit does not need a full cockpit rework and it only lacks the working instruments like the screens. The aircraft is pretty much set and that’s the one of two things it lacks, it also lacks Gear tilt. But I do think that a 787 live cockpit should definitely be in 20.1 or maybe 20.2.

I have a small picture showing that the 787 only lacks the live screens and doesn’t need a full cockpit rework.

Live Cockpit will come with a rework of the aircraft, which you can vote for in the linked topic.

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Ik but I’m saying the aircraft does not need a full rework and only needs a live cockpit because the 787 certainly does not need a full rework.


It could use a full rework to get it up to the quality of the A350 and soon to be 777.

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I would also like to point out that you can only have one picture per request.


Oh please, up until the release of the 359 it was practically the highest quality modern widebody we had.
But it would be nice, after, things that really need a rework


Well cross your fingers…787 is next in line to get live instruments after the a320 family, a359, 777 and the C172


I definitely am!!

I think he is saying he hopes it comes next. Not saying it will. Right?..probably.


This is exactly what I wish to happen!


I’m going to bump this.

With all things considered, I still believe the 787s are, as I write this, the best aircraft in Infinite Flight. They are beautiful, detailed and fly brilliantly.
In my opinion, these aircraft marked the peak when it comes to the developer’s attention to detail spent on aircraft. The A350 looks a bit fat with strange windows and basic displays, the 777 has exceedingly big engines, a clinical cockpit and iffy sounds.

The 787, on the other hand, is sublime. Immersive cockpit details, perfect wing flex, beautiful undercarriage, stunning paintwork, light up windows at night and - would you believe it - (almost) correctly functioning flaperons!! Not to mention a realistic-feeling flight model which is both challenging but enjoyable and rewarding to fly.

As is well known, the 737s recently had a whole new cockpit refit. The 787s don’t need that much work!

A live 787 cockpit with those stunning screens would be the cherry on top of these gorgeous aircraft and I really hope the Developers take note of this suggestion to be implemented in the near future.



Well said! thank you

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I agree, but I think the cockpit has to be made from scratch like the 737, just adding functional screens will not be good, the current cockpit model is far from looking like the real one, the aircraft on the outside is very good to receive the cockpit

I suppose that’s a possibility. I realise it doesn’t look quite like the real thing… I do think it looks more true to life than the 737 one did though (and the new 777 flight deck does, for that matter).


With all the big to do about the new 777 I am very disappointed with the overall look and graphics of the new cockpit. The new 737 hit it out of the park!!! The 777 is weak base hit at best. I don’t know why…can just guess its to keep game performance within acceptable range…or was it rushed ? But it (my opinion only)
it feels very visually lacking…All IF airframes are suject to future upgrades . I get that so who knows.
I like to move my cockpit views around and use the panning effect. If you fly in a fixed view or HUD only not a issue.

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é … I think if it is to put live screens, that the devs make the whole cockpit, the current model differs a lot from the real model, mainly with these columns and large windows, in short I don’t want to escape the topic but that’s what I think , imagine the old 737 model with only live screens … that’s almost it

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Amen to this, I’d never fly anything else if we had a live cockpit in this aircraft. i remember doing my first transatlantic flight in 2017, KLM 787-9. That was when i fell in love with this aircraft.