Boeing 787 Interior Cabin Lights

The 787’s interior has some pretty cool features including the LED lights along the aisles that have many different colour modes. This would be fantastic to see from the outside of the aircraft in Infinite Flight, and could be implemented if an interior camera mode is added. They could randomly switch between different colours OR have specified colours for each time of day.


Darn, nice lights on a nice plane,

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is there supposed to be a picture

I think the only aircraft with an interior is the 717 right now. But DAMN this cabin is nice!! 😍😍😍

and the cessnas


What I meant was to see the colours of the lights from the outside of the aircraft through the cabin windows. It could also be implemented if cabin camera views are added, otherwise that isn’t necessary.


I don’t think FDS is planning to add an interior anytime soon…if they did!they would have included it on the 777 they are currently reworking…I still would love this❤

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I bielieve edt means the lighting for the outside such as the a320 series and dh8d be multicoloured.

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Yeah, but at least seeing the lights through the cabin windows from the outside camera views would be fantastic flying in the evening and at night :-)

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No, just the 787. They don’t have multicoloured lights in their interior, or do they?

No I’m trying to say the new models have pighting

Well if it’s that way then YES!i would love this added

Yes, they do. And for those lights to change colour on the 787’s for each time of the flight (eg. Warm white when sleeping at night)

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Or how about you can manually change them.

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Yes, that would be nice but I don’t think it should be that advanced

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Would be great if they changed according to the time of day.

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