Boeing 787 getting heavy checked

Hello everyone! Today this is a maintenance flight JFK to ORD. This 787 is going into the maintenance hanger to get it’s heavy check done.

Server: Training
Route: JFK to ORD
Plane: 787-9
Livery: United

Rotating out of JFK

Wing shot by crew member

Touchdown on 9R with TBM landing on 4L

Engines off waiting for a tug to pull me into the hanger


That’s sick man

Hey nice photos! I’m trying to ignore the fact that United doesn’t fly to JFK lol


Thats awesome :). But isn’t that the UA 789? I don’t think they have that 787-8 livery in IF or irl…?

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We only have the B789 United livery in IF, but United operates all 3 variants of the 787 pretty sure


We have the 9 and 10 United in IF and United operates all 3. Three realism away for a flight 😂

Well United used to go to jfk a long time ago

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