Boeing 787 flaws?

The Boeing 787 most of us love it some of us hate it well this documentary should tell you something’s about how the delays happened and why it might be a better option to go for another airplane and all flaws might not be in design but in quality control and have these flaws been fixed as Boeing says it has?
Well enjoy the documentary


Had flaws at the beginning but at the end of the day it opened up a lot of opportunities for us as travellers and new LCC’s


I don’t really care if the aircraft has flaws. If it gets me to my destination safely, there is no flaw.

Also lots of opportunities for airlines who are seeking to open routes with low-medium demand (London-Austin as an example) rather than operating bigger jets for routes with low demand ;)

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What are yoy talking about? The 787 has great opportunities for low to medium demand routes. cough thanks Wendover

Nope, I’m still gonna fly on it, i only fly/trust 3 aircrafts:

B737 (-800 only)

Originally called the “Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787” released by Al Jazeera in 2014. I wouldn’t trust everything that’s been said in this documentary. It caused lots of controversies, search it up.


Out dated and unwanted information as mentioned by @Mobin_A. No need for a topic like this :)