Boeing 787 flaperon bug.

So I was flying in the 787-9 and after I had vacated the active runway and retracted the flaps the flaperon seemed like it was being pushed up. This occurs on both sides when I extend or retract the flaps. image image . It was quite simple to fix it by simply moving the control column and the flaperon would snap back into place. I noticed when the flaps were extend to the full 30degrees the flaperon seemed a little delayed and higher than it usually would.
Sorry if this a duplicate.
Many thanks

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I have never seen this before, neither have i expirienced it myself, interesting, hmmm…, my best guess is that it is just a bug and that it will not be permanent, the devs will most likely fix it as soon as possible if it is with more people, as i sayd, i have never seen this or expirienced this so i can not be certain, it could also be something just on your end @Flightsimuatorblaine, i hope i was at least a bit of help :) ;) <3 <3 ❤️

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Agreed. This may very well be a one-off weird thingy.
Have you tried closing the IF app and respawning?


Affirmative, happened to me on every 787 aircraft I fly. I felt it’s not worth making a thread because of a few reasons:

  1. This bug is a cosmetic bug and doesn’t affect flight performance. Happens more when I play with flaps.

  2. Not many people will notice this bug as the flaperon is a relatively small aircraft part.

  3. If no one else notices, either:

I’ll get replies like restarting the app/one-time off issue which is not helpful for me.

The matter will be swept under the carpet.


I can confirm this issue, it happens every time I use a 787 since the lastest update. I’ll take a video once I got back from home

Device : Xiaomi Mi A1
Android Version : 8.1.0
IF Version : 18.06.0

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I ran into this on the old version of Infinite Flight and didn’t seem to get anywhere with it. I might’ve reinstalled the app to fix it. All I can offer sorry…

(Sporadic Aileron Movements on 787-8)

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I must be very lucky, it has never happened to me.

Ok I have noticed some issues now that I am looking hard, a few weird glitches like the spoilers closing and opening at lightning speed .

Just been testing it the the last few hours, unfortunately yes it glitches a lot, I guess I just didn’t see it before :(.

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This happens to me with 787s too but it is purely cosmetic so I wasn’t really that concerned

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Are you sure it wasn’t the speedbrakes?

Well in his picture the spoilers are down, yet the flaperons are up…

I think it looks good like that otherwise recalibrate

I’m sure @Q-ENAN as I tested it with the spoilers on and off. You can see on the on the display where the autopilot is, the spoilers section says off. @azeeuwnl I tried restarting the app and nothing changed. @T1MMY4L1F3_YT many thanks for trying.

Yup I also have that problem. I happens with every model of the 787 and every time

Did you make sure to calibrate often? I calibrate often, that could be why I haven’t experienced it

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