Boeing 787 Family Tracking Thread

Yes in a comment I saw that too…

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Not a comment, I’ve seen at least 50 since they showed us the RJ 788 😂

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Did somebody said RJ?

Thai Airways 787-8!

@infiniteOwen This is a livery tracking thread you should not be requesting liveries here.

Continue here please…

Just giving the news man relax

I just heard it today just know

Lol why did you bring me hear?! Lol!

I put another picture though

Sorry, my mistake, sometimes it happens to me that someone link my post to other topics, I meant to link the topic…

Oh okay, no problem I’ll just go back.

Today just now

Does anyone think this thread could go up to 3000 comments

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Sure it will, there are still many liveries to be shown as well as other new features

But it will be released this week so i dont think so

Can’t wait for it! Looking forward to trying out wing Flex!

There is no evidence to when it will be released. The earliest we can really expect is August 4th, after the competition.


I was on a Virgin America fIight from DC to LA and I saw that plane taking off.

They said on facebook they need to fix some little bugs and then its ready