Boeing 787 Family rework

Is that real, or is that an edit? I know that Lufthansa ordered 787’s, but I wasn’t sure they were coming so soon.
EDIT: It’s fake. The registration is for an A320neo.

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I mean it’s fake, but soon to be a reality, and admittedly this is pretty cool.


Please… Rework the B787 and I want to see Hainan Airlines livery… The Hainan Airlines 787-9


People asking for a 787 rework. sheesh. I feel old now. I remember when that thing came out; feels like yesterday.


Yeah, you realize that 2016 was quite some time ago, it’s amazing.


I am currently flying the 787-8 (IF livery) from Sydney to Istanbul and I really have to say that the 787 is one of the best planes ! It would be pretty nice to see it with a live cockpit and gear tilt ✈️


I replied to the thread a while back stating that there were some subtle features I’d like to see changed/added (plus the features that have been beat to death in this thread), so here is a list of features/changes I’d like to see with a rework off the top of my head:

  • Truck tilt (including the 787-10 - which relies on it for tail clearance on takeoff and landing. Similar to the 777-300ER, the front of the main gear on the 787-10 automatically unsticks at a 5 degree takeoff rotation to add tail clearance. This is a must for me with any 787 gear rework.)

  • More wing flex. The in-game flex is nowhere close to real life.

  • Fixed aerodynamics to allow for a lower AOA while cruising. The Infinite Flight 787 burns more fuel than the real one because of this. Same problem with the IF 747.

  • Fixed left yaw on takeoff. Even with absolutely no wind and no rudder input, the 787 yaws/veers to the left on rotation.

  • Live cockpit


Super important! I have tailstriked so many times in the 787, especially the -10. Takeoff in the 787 is somewhat difficult without it


What is this ? Could you explain it to me :) ?

Funnily enough, the 787-8 and 787-9 in the game have more tail clearance than the real ones at the moment. Since the gear is stiff, it provides a little extra clearance when you rotate than it would with the gear tilting back to stick to the ground. Still necessary though, and the IF 787-10 does lack a little tail clearance.


Not only do the tilted trucks provide a little extra room/height off the ground to flare on landing, they have a mechanism that pulls the gear up on rotation. The plane rotates at 4:10 of this video, and watch the front set of the main gear lift off before the plane is actually ready to fly. This happens every time, only with the 787-10.

It also happens on the 777-300ER in a similar manner, and presumably happens on the 777-9X as well, although I personally have not seen that yet.

If it is hard to see, compare 787-9 takeoffs with 787-10. Or as an even better comparison, compare 777-300 takeoffs with 777-300ER. There is a significant difference.

As a slightly unrelated addition, I would be very disappointed if this feature of the gear is not implemented with the 777-300ER update


Ahhh now I saw it ! Lol never seen it before although I watch many spotting vids … but yeah I‘ve noticed it :)


2 votes left to 60 !

Keep going guys ! We‘re winning votes fast :)


60 votes. I think we should focus on some more Boeing aircraft this year. We’re getting the 777 rework already, but the 787 family needs a rework And some more ANA liveries. Don’t even get me started with the 757/767. Boeing family needs some love and attention.


I think what you meant to say is the SLG (Semi Levered Gear) strut, pictured here:

During takeoff the wheel truck is locked perpendicular to the strut, shifting the point of rotation from the middle of the truck to the aft wheel, so imagine it as lifting the front part of your feet and standing on your heels to increase your height if you may. Note that this feature was first present on the 77W.


Actually the cockpit could use some work besides live instruments. Something has bugged me for quite some time about the flight deck, and after looking at photos, including those that I personally took when vising an AA 787 cockpit almost a year ago, and here are the issues with the current flight deck:


Lighting - When it’s sunny in IF - which is most of the time during daylight since there’s no clouds yet - the cockpit panels tend to take on an almost bluish hue, where it actually should be more of a lighter grey than usual. More importantly, it severaly decreases the color contrats between the “gun-metal grey” of the instrument panel and center pedestal vs the cream color of the ceiling and walls.

Texturing - It’s fairly minor, but the texturing of the seats and floor does appear fairly flat and is similar to that of aircraft such as the 767. The texturing of most of the cockpit, however, is fairly spot on.


I’m going to be blunt, the proportions are awful in some places. If you look at the WIP photos of the 777, the shapes are generally spot on, and for the most part, that’s how the various parts of the 787 should be shaped too. The best parts when it comes to this are the overhead and instrument panels, very accurate when it comes to size and proportions. The absolute worst examples are the throttles and side pedestals. The throttles are tiny themselves and the proportions of various parts are way off, whereas they should look like the 777 throttles but with grey replacing brown. The side pedestals, the tiller is way too small and the EFB is all kinds of messed up.

Not all of these things are huge, but combined, it’s an aircraft that just isn’t up to standards and is lacking in realism on the flight deck.

Credits to The Points Guy


I’d second that, there’s something off about the 3D modelling of the 787. Its fuselage seems a bit thinner than in real life (the 787 is a chonky boi), then you have the things like missing engine variants, and how the GENX is only modelled, and is modelled erroneously because the fan spins clockwise anyways. The 787 is most definitely in need of a rework.


Yes that’s exactly what I said, I just didn’t know the technical term for it.


Guys, Thank you for your opinions about this Rework

If we stand for this together we can achieve this!!

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It would make my iPad too laggy to be honest

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