Boeing 787 Family rework

Yes, it only needs:
• live cockpit
• gear tilt
• maybe cargo doors
• some new liveries (like the new Air Canada livery 😆)

I think it would also be cool because now you often see people performing long haul flights with the A350 and then it would balance the situation a bit ! (If I fly commercial I really like to fly the A350, it‘s just about realism)

Maybe someone can convince me fo vote 🤔


Honestly, I still see people fly the “broken” 787 which only goes to show that the 787 is one of the most favored aircraft within the community, yet this feature thread only has a disappointing 36 votes…I’m baffled. But anyways, yes, a rework would introduce another realistic efficient long haul widebody aircraft to IF, and provide people with even more choices. Please vote by the way.


The 787 may not be as updated as the A359, but it sure is in great condition compared to the 757/A330 which desperately need a rework.


It may work in the opposite way as well. If people fly the 787 more often, then that may show that they don’t want to fly the 757/767/A330 because of how bad the physics are. Anyway, I think it would be great to have this, but, sadly, I have put my votes elsewhere.

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lol that is funny

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I don’t deny that the A330 and 757 are both in desperate need of a rework, but there is a balance between demand and whichever models are more outdated. For example, if the 717, and outdated model was reworked, not a whole lot may fly it due to its lack of demand. All in all, it’s really about satisfying the majority of the community, and with how many people fly the 787, a soft rework can potentially accomplish that.


It does work both ways, but then again, if they choose the 787 because they’re straying away from the outdated models, then why wouldn’t they choose the A320 or A350 to fly given its more realistic than the 787?


If we’re taking about realism, then they choose the B787 because it’s the plane used for the RW route. If we’re talking other reasons, then it is because some may favor Boeing over Airbus and, at this point, the B787 is the most realistic long-haul aircraft in the Boeing fleet.


Don’t Forget about the strobe and beacon flickering time need to be adjusted


The 787 is by no means perfect or up to current standards…I’m sure many (many more than what’s reflected in the amount of votes) will love a proper 787 rework.

The 787 used to be my go-to aircraft for long hauls, medium hauls, or anything else it flew worldwide in real life. Now, I find myself avoiding it in favor of A320s, 737s, or A350s. There are some subtle features it lacks, in addition to what has already been mentioned, that have made me lose my appeal for it in favor of more up-to-date aircraft, and I would love to be re-motivated to fly this beautiful bird with a rework!

I’m glad to see a request for this.

Huh, the 737 seems like an anomaly, although the A320 and A350 make a whole lot of sense. The majority of the community demands for widebodies, and the 787 is most definitely one of the more popular widebodies, if not the most popular. A proper rework would prove it to be a formidable aircraft, just like the A350, the upcoming 777 and the probable A330/340. A rework would most definitely bring it up to standards, and provide yet another great aircraft most people love to fly.

The 787 could definitely use a soft rework, issues with the flaperons could be fixed and the addition of gear tilt and live instruments could be added. Other than that I think it’s fair to say that some other aircraft in the likes of the 767, 757, erj etc… should be higher on the list. The decently high amount of flights done with the 787 right now shows that it’s one of the better quality aircraft in the sim. While other amazing aircraft barely get any usage because almost no one wants to fly in planes with outdated 3D models and physics. I’m sure this carbon beauty will eventually receive some well deserved love from the devs

Credit: KLM


Always wondered why that thread was locked while this one is open…

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Maybe because now it is more to add to the Aircraft??

Cleared a vote for this !
A soft rework is faster done than a full rework !
This plane only needs a live cockpit, gear tilt and some more liveries. Maybe some cargo doors, too :)
That would be much faster to develop ✈️
Hope to see it after the 777 rework 🙂

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Thanks for your feedback!

I am pretty sure this won’t be after the B777 but it would be cool!

Well I doubt a full, proper from-the-ground-up rework is required since the 787 is already modelled relatively accurately. I do wonder however, if a moderate rework is still required to incorporate working instruments, plus some other bits such as engine variants and SLG strut for the 78X.


Yeah, and I wonder if they need a new model for the Tilted Gear, I hope it could work without a new one.

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El Al have Some liveries to the
Boing 787-9

New livery

Retro livery

Las Vegas livery

Gold livery